The Tower of San Martino

The unique charm of the Tower of San Martino

Our tavern is located at the foot of the Tower inaugurated in 1893 to honor the fallen soldiers of the victorious battle of 1859, fought by the Italian and French army against the Austrian troops. 74 meters high, frescoed with episodes from the Risorgimento. The tower contains a spiral ramp to a terrace that offers an unforgettable view of the lake, the hills, the vineyards and the surrounding fields.

A lighthouse located on the tower continuously emits a light that illuminates and warms the sky with the colors of the Italian flag. In addition to the Tower you can visit the Risorgimento Museum and the ossuary that contains the remains of those killed in the bloody battle.

Osteria alla Torre

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Via Torre n.1
San Martino della Battaglia
25015 Desenzano d/G

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